Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update on Alvaro Saborio

News coming out of Salt Lake City, UT is that Alvaro Saborio (pictured bellow) is still out for 3 - 4 months. On Monday afternoon he had surgery to fix his fractured right fifth metatarsal. The surgery was preformed by RSL Team Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Cooper at a Sports Medical Facility in the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center.
After the surgery Dr. Andrew Cooper said,“I’m pleased to say that Alvaro’s surgery went very well this afternoon,” he also stated, “We inserted a screw and injected some bone marrow around the fracture site to promote healing. I expect him to get back to 100 percent once the fracture fully heals.” Wow! That must be painful!

To recap Saborio fractured his right fifth metatarsal fifth metatarsal in his right foot while practicing with the Costa Rican national team at its pre-World Cup training camp last Thursday. He will now not play in 2014 World Cup in Brazil. We will miss him! Sorry to see him not there! 

Alvaro Saborio

World Cup Cards

One cool thing you can get geared up for during The World Cup are these really cool soccer cards which you can get at your local retailer or hobby shop. Here is what they look like so you can buy them.

What they look like on the front

What they look like under the label in the back
     The cards can vary from many players because there are 416 cards, and there is a chance you can get the same type of card. Also, some are very rare and it rates the cards you got on the back of the packet. The cards have players from multiple countries. So get your cards before they run out.  

First packet I opened

Second packet I opened